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Make your friends discover parabazar.com ..

and ... get a voucher of € 3 on your next order and the first order your referral of a minimum of € 30.

Conditions of entitlement

Each sponsor must be validated at least an order on the website parabazar.com

The € 3 voucher of sponsor are valid only on the first order for each referral.

The godson absolutely must use the same email address when registering as a customer. The sponsor may combine his multiple vouchers if enrolled downline perform a minimum initial order of 30 €. Shipping addresses, billing and Internet location (IP) will be different between godfather and godson.

The € 3 voucher of sponsor are taken into account when the order is confirmed and the godson set. 3 € voucher purchases sponsor remains valid 3 months after the order of referral.


The team parabazar reserves the right to cancel the sponsorship of suspected fraud.